Problems with Sony RAW Files

Some serious problems have arisen while rendering final time lapse sequences from Sony-Alpha-RAW files. Read more about the issues with sudden vignetting and color shifts here.

The «HyperZürich» Experiment

The short «HyperZürich» is the result of an experiment.

How fast can you do move with your camera, shooting in continuous mode, and thus creating a hyperlapse?

The resulting video was shot in 2-3 hours in downtown Zurich. More on the technique and some conclusions in the «Timelapse Plus» section.

HYPERZürich from Joerg Niggli on Vimeo.


Work in progress

The «Timelapse Plus» project is not about to end anytime soon, even if I'm back at home since a few days now. With 1.6 terabyte of data shot on La Palma and some 500 GB of other Hyperlapses and Timelapses from Austria and Italy, there's a lot of post production for the coming weeks and – maybe –months. The image below is one frame of a timelapse, shot on the shores of La Palma. It's original is 42 MP in size. There are 387 of them. Processing such an amount of data takes time. More on the post process and a short preview clip on my «Timelapse Plus» page.

At El Roque de Los Muchachos Observatory in La Palma.

«Amalfi Mia!» - A trip along Italy's scenic coast

The Amalfi Coast (la costiera amalfina) is one of Italy's most spectacular landscapes. During a short trip some time ago I shot some time-lapse sequences on different iconic spots. Finally it came together in the short film «Amalfi Mia!».
Please have a look, if possible use your full screen and earphones.

Amalfi Mia! - The Amalfi Coast from Joerg Niggli on Vimeo.


Project «Timelapse Plus»

Extending my knowledge in photography and time-lapse shooting: that's the goal of project «Timelapse Plus». Follow this blog for more information and the progression of the adventure that takes place in La Palma and Austria.


Cinemagraph III

After the Rain No. 2, July 2016

Cinemagraph II

After the rain, near the Gotthard pass. July 2016

Cinemagraph I

«Tremola» - The old Gotthard road over one of Europe's most important mountain passes. It's a Cinemagraph, but one in a subdued manner.

N.Y. Images

A series of 9 images shot last summer in New York (Manhattan and Coney Island) - please have a look here


Amman in 30 Seconds

A short glimpse of Amman, the capital of Jordan. Enjoy!

Please watch it in full frame, if possible. It's a FullHD video.
If you like to see the longer version (a Vimeo Staff Pick), here it is.
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