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It’s called the «Land of thousand ponds» ( «Pays des mille étangs» ), but I’d call it «Crosslands». The region in the eastern french Departments of Saône and Vosges was one of the poorest in the country for a long time. The people were very religious at that time, I was told during my stay last summer when I was shooting one of the Crosses ( «Croix calvaires» ) in the beautiful landscape of hills, forests and gentle valleys.
To shoot this was not planned. And it’s not a statement neither. It was just a coincidence when we were in vacation in the French Saône Department, in the canton of Raddon, last year. In front of our vacation home there was this ancient cross.
On a sunny-cloudy day I decided to shoot a time-lapse of it with my new motorized slider.
Crosslands01 Crosslands02

The neighbor, Jean Oudot, saw me and my rather large setup and came over. He talked about the historic value of the cross, dedicated centuries ago to a nowadays unknown man. Later he came with a book, an inventory ( «Croix calvaires petits oratoires du pays des mille étangs» ) of the many historic calvary crosses all over the region around Raddon ( in the Canton of Faucogney ).
So I went out the next few days to shoot some of the crosses described in the book. Most of them are along roads or ancient paths. Some are hidden in farms or settlements that developed around them over the decades.


Some technical background:
  • Panasonic GH2 for video and time-lapse pictures
  • Canon 5D Mark II to for time-lapse pictures
  • Canon G10 for time-lapse pictures (my mobile unit)
  • Pocketslider of Benjamin
  • Renderd in Apple Motion 5 or Adobe After Effects
  • Edited and graded in Final Cut Pro X
  • Music by, Revivalist, Album: Glitch Piano
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