About the project «Timelapse Plus»

This is a special blog about the project «Timelapse Plus».
I took five weeks off to reshape and augment my knowledge in time-lapse shooting. 
The project consists of three parts:
  • The «Astromaster 2016» workshop in La Palma starting the 21th September 2016. Here I want to learn more about the night sky and the skills to shoot photos and time lapses at night in high altitude. 
  • Visiting the hyper lapse master Geoff Tompkinson. During a private workshop I would like to refine my hyper lapse skills.
  • Rendering and editing two to three short time-lapse movies and publish them on my Vimeo account (and here as well too). 

During the coming weeks I will share some of the little adventures and learnings here in this special blog. So, if you’re interested, come back and have a look.

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