Holy Grail Transitions

Rendering smooth transitions in time-lapse is a time consuming job. But especially Day-to-Night transitions (or vice versa) look really nice. But there are so many changing conditions to take care of, mainly exposure, white balance and noise. This screenshot shows six steps of a night to day transition of the El Teide (Teneriffa), shot from the high plane of La Palma.

20161021 Screen El Teide Trans LR

This is how it looks like what LRT Timelapse has to deal with after adjustments in Lightroom.

20161021 Screen El Teide Trans LRT

Apart from exposure and white balance, there are many more parameters adjusted for achieving a nice image and transition: animated gradients, various clarity settings and adapting sharpness and noise reductions parameters. Including render times this clip takes 3-4 hours time. The result is a glorious shot in 4K - hopefully…
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